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Go to CMS ( Content Management System ) web sites I made with Drupal 6 & 7 , MySQL, PHP, Apache, & UNIX.
It has Community Participation, Blogs, Sophisticated Forums, Authenticated User registration, Roles, Blocks, Menus, Views, Picture Galleries, Event Calendar, Panels, and Ubercart e-commerce shopping carts. Once created, CMS ( Drupal 6 & 7 and Joomla! ) allows normal guests, registered authenticated users, and moderators to add and manage content in controlled Roles. It is set up so that it could be used as a common code base for multiple web sites:,,, etc.

See my financial services charting service..

This is to become the newer version of my financial services charting service..

A Joomla! demo version of this website with VirtueMart is here.

This is the new maintained web site. The old Javascript website, Javascript code base originally (c) 1995 as one of my real old Javascript web site, is here. You can actually see the Javascript code in "view source code" in the "Way Back Machine" archive around 1996.

See examples of my C# WPF ADO.NET SQL software at WPF WCF ADO.NET SQL Software Examples.php.

See examples of my C++ MFC SQL software at WPF WCF ADO.NET SQL Software Examples.php.

See Database overview at

See Windows Linux Unix Cross Platform overview at Linux Unix - Cross Platform_overview.php.

See PHP Python JBoss overview at Python JBoss_overview.php.

See Eclipse overview at

This is: Apache rewrite rules, mod_wsgi, using fast cgi daemon, to execute Python, serving up the index web page. This is how some production sites use Apache to run Python code to produce web sites from MySQL. This is a demo of how Django can work. Among other choices for running Python, Apache has Module Python and traditional CGI. Tradtional CGI launches a new seperate process for each request, and removes the process at the end of the request. Tradtional CGI is very slow and does not scale well. It makes reuse of things like reusing database conections dificult. Each FastCGI server controls its FastCGI process, the same processes are reused. This tends to seperate the application from the web server. This can scale, load balance, and security better than the module aproach. The FastCGi can run as an enbeded or (here) as a daemon (better). This is an extreme oversimplication. See See Dr Art in Paris.. The other two pages are static web pages. The main page is produced by Python.